We spread enlightenment and hope to create a fairer and more inclusive society.


Inclusive Louisiana was formed in 2020 as a non-profit organization dedicated to protecting the residents of St. James Parish and neighboring parishes from environmental harm caused by industrial pollution.

OUR VISION is to educate and inform the community about social, racial, and environmental injustices along with our civic responsibilities.

  • We are members of CADA.
  • We march for Democracy.
  • We are engaged in all local, state, federal, and international meetings.
  • We write letters to the editor of various news organizations.
  • We host, attend, and support community events.
  • We distribute food baskets to the elderly.
  • We distribute school supplies.
  • We are there for the people in every way.
Inclusive Louisiana Value Road Map

Disaster Recovery Aid

St. James Parish Disaster Recovery
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After a disaster, we assist our community with their basic needs (food, clothing, and shelter). If you need assistance, please fill out an application so we can best determine how we are able to help.

Submit Application to request assistance.

Voices From The Fenceline

#VoicesFromTheFenceline #PlasticJustice

Video Credit: Peak Plastic Foundation

Gail LeBoeuf, Inclusive Louisiana, Inc.

Barbara Washington, Inclusive Louisiana, Inc.