About Us

Inclusive Louisiana was formed in 2020 as a non-profit organization dedicated to protecting the residents of St. James Parish and neighboring parishes from environmental harm caused by industrial pollution.

We are a grassroots community advocate organization with deep beliefs in our Christian faith, and we are passionate about the injustices we see imposed everyday on our health, air, water, and soil.

OUR MISSION is to spread enlightenment and hope to all people to create a fairer and more inclusive society.

OUR VISION is to educate and inform the community about social, racial, and environmental justice along with our civic responsibilities.

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Air Pollution accounts for an estimated


premature deaths every year

Data You Should Know: Air pollution is the greatest environmental threat to public health globally and accounts for an estimated 7 million premature deaths every year. Air pollution and climate change are closely linked as all major pollutants have an impact on the climate and most share common sources with greenhouse gases. Improving our air quality will bring health, development, and environmental benefits.

The Hazardous Effects of Petrochemicals on:

Air Water Soil

Whether through normal emissions or accidental releases, petrochemical plants release harmful chemicals into the air during production. Researchers have identified potential cancer-causing agents from the emissions of petrochemical plants and have seen increases in respiratory illnesses in the surrounding areas. Some of the different air pollutants emitted by petrochemical plants include particulate matter, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide, hydrogen sulfide and more.

Soil pollution generally only impacts the immediate vicinity of the petrochemical plant, though it can contribute to water pollution through runoff. Spills and leaks result in chemical buildup in the soil that can impact the health of the ecosystem and contribute to other forms of pollution.

However, plants can successfully use bacteria to break down and remove spills and soil contamination and mitigate this form of pollution. Residue from petrochemical production can also build up in landfills and other disposal sites as well.

Petrochemical production also contributes to water pollution – both at the surface in lakes, ponds and streams as well as in the groundwater. The petrochemical production process results in wastewater contaminated with sulfides, ammonia and other compounds. Some plants utilize wells to inject the wastewater underground, which has historically resulted in contamination of the aquifers and groundwater where people get their drinking water.

Our Founders

Gail LeBoeuf - Inclusive Louisiana

Gail LeBoeuf

Co-Founder, Co-Executive Director

Early in life, Gail’s experiences within her household, her family desire to help others, along with her lifelong membership in St Michael Catholic Church, has help to salsify her beliefs. ” Life teaches life”, ” From the time your born to the time you die, your always learning”. Gail is also a member of Knights of Peter Clavier Court # 65, Progressive Benevolent Association, St James Parish NAACP Chapter # 6315 and sits on the Legal Redress Committee. Treasurer of League for a Better St James Parish, help organize and was the Insurance Agent for Saint James Little League.

Gail retired after 45 years in the work force, crafting skills and gaining knowledge. Cafeteria Host, Mechanical Operator, Safety Attendant and now fighter for equal justice.

Barbara Washington - Inclusive Louisiana

Barbara Washington

Co-Founder, Co-Executive Director

Barbara is a life long resident of St. James Parish living on the east bank of the Mississippi River. In 2019 when Wanhua proposed to build a $1.25 petrochemical plant 1 mile from her home she started in the fight of environmental injustices. Barbara is retired from Walmart working in the Pharmacy as an OTC Technician. Over the coast of her working career she has performed as a Felling Machine Operator at Neese Industries, A Day Care Attendant, and a Gospel Radio Announcer. Barbara is a member of Bethany Church, a member of CADA (Coalition Against Death Alley), and a Commissioner of St. James Parish. Barbara’s time is well spent with her husband, 4 children,9 Grandchildren, and 4 Great Grandchildren.

The Faces and Voices of Truth

As we traveled to Washington D.C. and surrounding areas of Louisiana, we had a bird’s eye view of systemic racism, police brutality, neighborhoods impoverished by the surrounding chemical plants, voter suppression, legislation passed to take away our protesting and voting rights, and Land Use Plans allowing no safety for residents.

In our booklet, The Faces and Voices of Truth, you will find our collection of speeches and letters to the editor. We write in the name of Truth, and we encourage you too as well.

Founders, Inclusive Louisiana, Inc.

Inclusive Louisiana - The Faces & Voices of Truth
Myrtle Felton - Inclusive Louisiana

Myrtle Felton

Co-Founder, Co-Executive Director

Myrtle is a lifelong resident of St. James Parish District 4 Census Tract 404. Myrtle is an active member of CADA (Coalition Against Death Alley). Her aims are to create a fairer, more inclusive society, to work with all types of people, and treat them fairly and equally.

Myrtle is a retired banker with twenty-six and a half years of services and belongs to Pleasant Hill Baptist Church of Convent, LA.